Products we offer

We offer a wide range of POS Terminals used for billing, parking, jewellery and peripherals like Battery, Thermal Printers and more.

POS Terminals

Embedded Machine equipped with the advanced technology based Handheld Ticketing Machine with Graphic display.  It has a 2″ high speed thermal printer and is built for applications like Bus Ticketing, Micro Finance, Pigmy & Loan Collection, Parking and Billing etc..

Compact 2.8” display Handheld computer with integrated fingerprint sensor (optional) . It is available in Linux OS. The POS terminal is equipped with integrated GPRS & Wifi (optional) and can be customized with various add-ons such as, GPRS, GPS, RFID, NFC, External & Inbuilt Barcode, And Finger Print/Biometric, Camera, Magnetic Card, Bluetooth, Weighing Scale (Interface), Wifi & External Keyboard. 

SMART POS is a full-fledged machine that is ideal for those looking for industrial computers/POS Terminals. It caters to the needs of mobility with user-friendly features. The terminal is integrated with 5.5” touch screen and hot keys for ease of operations. It works with real-time processes and allows for easy networking. 


CCDM01 series is monochrome graphic LCD module 128×64 with built-in NT7107 / NT7108 controller IC. Resolution of this module is 128×64, and it supports 6800 interface. The default voltage is negative voltage 5V. 

9V 2A Power Supply with 5.5mm DC Plug Adapter is 2 pin EU plug type adapter and 1.1 meters long connecting cable. This adapter is compatible to handle up to 2A current and can be used in applications like POS Machines, Setup Box, Industrial Tablet, CCTV Camera, Led Strips, Cordless Phone etc..

7.4V Lithium Ion rechargeable with 2600mAh Battery Capacity with the dimension of 35 x 65 x 20 mm. It can used for powering POS/Billing/Ticketing Machines, Solar and Emergency Lights etc..

2inch Thermal Printer Mechanism gear set with the dimensions of 22 × 15 × 5 cm, comes in a set with 3 gears made up of plastic weighing around 0.05Kg.